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2011 CES shows push in advanced control systems

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Many auto manufactures introduced new and/or improved infotainment systems at this years CES show.

We wanted to save you the airfare and recap them for you so you didn’t feel left out wlEmoticon winkingsmile 2011 CES shows push in advanced control systems

Toyota EnTune Infotainment System, Hyundai Blue Link, Ford won’t be left out with their MyFord, and even OnStar made news by expanding to offer after market OnStar gear for non-GM cars.  As an added bonus for the hard core geeks we’ll also touch on the Parrot Android based car stereo.

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Entune Video Overview

Toyota EnTune

Toyota EnTune Infotainment system allows user to install applications like Bing, OpenTable, and Pandora on their phone and sync it with their car. 

What makes Toyota’s system intriguing is that to install new apps, you simply load them to your phone and then sync the phone. This makes it as easy to install applications to your Toyota as it is to install an App on your iphone. 

The downside of Toyota’s system is that it will require an custom Toyota version of the app you want to install.  So you’ll have you’re standard iPhone version of Pandora and your Toyota version of Pandora installed.   EnTune relies on Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone to handle the magic of live updating and internet connectivity.  This makes a double edge sword…The good is that the car itself doesn’t require it’s own cell phone contract, but it also means that it is of limited functionality without your phone.


Hyundai Blue LinkHyundai Blue Link connecting screen CES thumb 2011 CES shows push in advanced control systems
Hyundai’s Blue Link is really more of a OnStar competitor than a true infotainment system.  The focus is mostly on the “info” part. Offering a trio of service tiers ranging from  the “Assurance Package” that provides for crash notifications and the ability for the driver to call “SOS” in an emergency to the “Essentials Package” the provides vehicle theft recovery, maintenance notifications, and geolocation among other features.  Finally their top tier of service also provides for turn by turn based navigation.  No hardware or service pricing has been released yet, but Hyundai is saying that it will be substantially less expensive than OnStar’s offerings.

Ford MyFord Mobile

myfordmobile thumb 2011 CES shows push in advanced control systemsFord MyFord Mobile app that allows the Focus Electric driver to remain engaged and in control even when away from the vehicle. It’s part of a strategic approach to make Ford electric car ownership a real experience MyFord Mobile works via a smartphone app or secure website to give owners the ability to monitor and control selected vehicle functions anywhere they and the car have connectivity A value charging feature, powered by Microsoft, allows Ford customers to reduce their electricity costs by taking advantage of off-peak or reduced rates from their utility without a complicated set-up process


OnStarOnStar RetailMirror 01 thumb 2011 CES shows push in advanced control systems
OnStar is taking the plunge into the automotive aftermarket by selling to owners of non-GM vehicles. The $299 + install replacement rearview mirror will provide accident alerts, stolen-vehicle tracking, and navigation services and can be installed permanently on any vehicle through a partnership with BestBuy.

Parrot Asteroid Radiovue1 thumb 2011 CES shows push in advanced control systems
The Parrot Asteroid Radio is proof that Android is moving from the smartphone to other aspects of our technology lives.  It provides for multimedia and hands free applications right from your car radio.  Details are a bit thin at this point, but it appears that it will provide for internet streaming radio, point of interest search, and navigation in addition to “standard” radio functionality.  


What is your favorite piece of auto technology from CES this year? Sound off in the comments below

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