One Easy System.  So Many Uses.

Improve Teen
Driver Safety
Easily Track
Business Mileage
Learn More about Driving Performance Learn More about Mileage Tracking Learn More About Fleet Management
- Get Some Peace of Mind
- Make Sure They are Driving Safe
- Review Graphs & Charts
- See their Trip Summaries
- Discuss Hard Accel & Braking
- Know the Distance & Duration
- Frustration Free Mile Tracking
- Simplify Reporting
- Customized Reports Anytime
- No GPS Monthly Costs
- Miles Traveled & Date/Time
- Note the Purpose of Trip

Check Engine
- Increase Productivity
- Intuitive web based system
- Your Fleet 24/7/365
- Reduce Fuel Costs
- Schedule & Email Reports
- Centralized Reporting

How does CarCheckup Work?
Connect.   Drive.   Know.
Plug It In
Plug it into your
1996 or newer vehicle.
Just Drive
Just drive, it                           
records it all!                           
Plug into your Comp
Plug it into your PC          
With the built-in USB arm          
and upload to your account          

Plug into your Comp

Hear how we have helped others like yourself
Teen Driver
Mileage Tracking
Check Engine Light
"I finally felt comfortable with him out driving! He is a good kid, but there is alot to driving!"
- J. Miller, Topeka, KS

"This works great with our driving contract! We review his data and are able to see how he is improving! He has almost no hard accelerations any more! Very pleased! "
- R. Phillips, Pendleton, IN
"It makes tracking my mileage a no-brainer! Just plug it in and go!"
- M. OConner, Corona, CA

"What I love about the CarCheckup system is that is user friendly and easy to use. It has cut my work in half!"
- J. Strickland, Clarks, LA

"CarCheckup said it was just a loose gas cap! And it was right! Saved me a costly trip to my mechanic! Thanks!"
- T Southard, Murrieta, CA

"As a small Business owner, I know how much prompt attention to customers is key and you have proven that by great customer service, thanks!"
- M. Daudi, Indianapolis, IN

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