Mileage tracking bringing you down?
  • CarCheckup Mileage Tracker
    "I was constantly forgetting to write down my miles. But CarCheckup has made it a
    no-brainer. Just plug it in and go! Thanks!"
    -J. Strickland, Louisiana

          Track your mileage Fast and Easy!

    It`s Simple:

    - Just plug it in and go
    - Saves you time
    - No writing mileage
    - No monthly GPS costs
    - Download to Excel

    - Customize your reports
    - No more paper logs
    - All data in one place
    - Easy web interface
    - Note purpose of trip

    CarCheckup...tracking mileage becomes simple.

    CarCheckup plugs into your car for business trips.

    Start saving money day one.

    With the new higher rate for standard mileage deduction being
    at 51 cents a mile, CarCheckup can easily pay for itself fast!
    No more forgetting, or worse, guessing! With the CarCheckup
    plugged in, it remembers all your trips and all you have to do
    is save it and mark it for business!

  • Ready to use right out of the box!

    No programming, wires, or complicated process. Just plug it into your 1996 or newer vehicle and drive! You worry about your business; we will worry about the miles!

    Plug it in and drive.

    Plug it into your vehicle`s port, usually located under your steering wheel, and drive like normal. It will record your speed, RPM, and other data points from your vehicle.
    You can leave it plugged in all day and it will know when the start and stop time of each trip!

    Connect to your computer.

    On any Windows PC with Internet connection, plug the device into your USB port simply by swinging out the built-in USB arm on the back of the device! Your computer will notice a new device and install the drivers from the internet. No CDs or cables needed!


    Download your data.

    Log into your own personal account on, and download the data! The system will crunch your data and store it in the database allowing you to access your account and data anywhere!

    That's it!   now track your mileage...

  • Tracking Your Miles - Made Simple

    Save time and money by letting CarCheckup save your mileage!
    After downloading the data to CarCheckup, you can easily start
    saving your trips as business.

    Assign Your Trips & Make Notes

    In your Mile Tracker you can assign each trip to one of the tax categories:
    - business,
    - commute,
    - medical,
    - or charity.
    It tells you the start & stop time, miles driven of each trip.

    Save & Done!

    Once you make notes and save your data, you are all done! That`s it! Just keep downloading and assigning your trips until you are ready for a report!

    These Count Too!

    Don't forget to count all business related travels, like:
    - Travel to get supplies & Post Office
    - Travel to clients, bank, meetings
    - If you make a trip directly for your
        business, then it can count

  • Custom Reports

    Print what you need, when you need it!

    Customize What You Need

    Print by date, mileage type, and vehicle Easy as that! All your data, in one place!

    Download to Excel

    Download your report to Microsoft Excel allows you to easily use your data in other programs.

    All You Need!

    - Easy Web based system
    - All your data in one place
    - Print reports when needed
    - Notes field for documentation
    - Save time and focus on your business
    - Get your maximum deduction this year!

    No More...

    - No more lost logs
    - No more forgetting
    - No more guessing
    - No more wasted money
    - No more written logs

  • Benefits & Extras

    On top of the powerful Mile Tracker system, there are many other benefits included in the CarCheckup System!

    Driver Performance

    Are you a lead-foot? Hard breaker? Find out!
    With our handy Trip Summary Page,
    you can see all kinds of things like:
    - Hard Breaking & Acceleration
    - Time Spent in Idle
    - and more!

    Check Engine Light Explained!

    That little light on your dash can send panic to anyone! Now you can find out not only what code is triggered, but also why it is on, what it means, and what you or your mechanic may need to do to fix it!

    Graphs & Charts

    See your data in a whole new light! You can view any trip in chart form! Any telemetry your vehcile reports, we collect, so you can view charts on your speed, PRM, and over 14 other types!

    Share the Power!

    The purchase of a device allows you to use the system on one vehicle as often and however long you want. Additional vehicles can be added to your account for $25 each.