How do I use CarCheckup?
Connect.   Drive.   Know.
OBD Port PlugIn
Plug it into your 1996 or newer vehicle's
port usually below the steering wheel.

Click Here to locate your port.
Still need help?
Email us and we will be happy to help!

CarCheckup does not work on:
Suburus or Hybrids

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    Just Drive

Just drive, it                                            
records it all!                                            

- Detects when trips start and end.
- Trip Times
- Check Engine Codes
- Speed & RPM
- Any telemetry your vehicle reports.
- Use your device on other cars too!
Plug into your Comp

Plug it into your PC
and upload to your personal account.

- Built-in USB arm - No Cables!
- Intuitive web-based system
- All your data in your account!
- View Driver Perfomance
- Track Business Mileage
- Improve your driving to save gas

Check mark Share the Power!
You can use the system on other vehicles as well by simply adding them to your account for $25.   With no limit to the number of vehicles you use it on.
Check mark No CDs Required!
To use the CarCheckup System, all you need is a Microsoft Windows PC with Internet Explorer!   Windows will automatically download the drivers needed!
Check mark 30-Day Guarantee!
We know you are going to love how simple the CarCheckup System is and if you're not happy; we're not happy!   If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money! That easy!

Improve Teen
Driver Safety
Easily Track
Business Mileage
Check Engine Light
Learn More about Driving Performance Learn More about Mileage Tracking Learn More About Check Engine Light
- Get Some Peace of Mind
- Make Sure They are Driving Safe
- Review Graphs & Charts
- See their Trip Summaries
- Discuss Hard Accel & Braking
- Know the Distance & Duration
- Frustration Free Mile Tracking
- Simplify Reporting
- Customized Reports Anytime
- No GPS Monthly Costs
- Miles Traveled & Date/Time
- Note the Purpose of Trip
  Check Engine
- Records both Present &
      Pending Trouble Codes
- No More Fear of that light!
- Know what it means
- Know why it came on
- Learn Possible Fixes

See CarCheckup in Action
(click image for larger view)

Trip Summary Trip Graphs Business Mile Updating Business Mile Report Check Engine Light Explaination

CarCheckup was built from the ground up to be easy to use and give you data about your driving habits at your fingertips!
The system is ready right out of the box!
No cables to loose or CDs to become out-dated!

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